Leontine Hoogeweegen

I love sharing stories.

After graduating as a history teacher, I went to theatre school. I worked first as a drama teacher and for the last fourteen years I taught the craft of storytelling in corporate settings to public speakers, business leaders, salespeople and researchers. And all the while I was also drawing.

Novels and photography inspire me, but I also go out into the world to museums and parks and draw what I see. There are stories everywhere.

8 years ago, I started drawing every day. Soon after I began to share my drawings I was invited to illustrate blogs, scientific articles, presentations and to do promotional illustrations for various companies. It gives me pleasure to work in a collaborative way with clients to find striking imagery to tell their stories.

I am so excited about the possibilities of illustration and portrait that I have now made it the full focus of my work. Paper (and screen) is my stage! 

In this video you see me "in the picture" as an illustrator, painter and maker of family portraits. In a nutshell I tell my story, show old and new work and you see me painting. It’s in Dutch. 

Would you like to see more of my work, have a look at my portfolio-page. Any questions? Call me!

Curious what clients say? Read it here (in Dutch!)

Leontine Hoogeweegen


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