Leontine Hoogeweegen

I love sharing stories.

After graduating as a history teacher, I went to theatre school. I worked first as a drama teacher and for the last fourteen years I taught the craft of storytelling in corporate settings to public speakers, business leaders, salespeople and researchers. And all the while I was also drawing.

Novels and photography inspire me, but I also go out into the world to museums and cafés and draw what I see. There are stories everywhere. Soon after I began to share my drawings I was invited to illustrate blogs, scientific articles, presentations and to do promotional illustrations for various companies. It gives me pleasure to work in a collaborative way with clients to find striking imagery to tell their stories.

I am so excited about the possibilities of illustration that I have now made it the full focus of my work. Paper is my stage!  

Curious what clients say? Read it here (in Dutch!)

Leontine Hoogeweegen


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